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Then Along Came an Angel

True angel stories touch the heart and uplift the spirit. Please enjoy the stories and feel free to comment and/or pass onto other people who might need some encouragement today. Julie Bonn Heath is the compiler of the book, "Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance", which includes almost 50 true angel stories. You can order the book at online bookstores order from your local bookstore. It makes a great gift!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tour Schedule

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10/2/08- Carole's Blog featuring the story, "That Smile" by Carole McDonnell.

11/3/08- Chris at Best Christmas Stories featuring the story, "Christmas Angel" by Julie Bonn Heath.

11/8/08- Julie on anthology writing at Global Write/Rule of Three.

12/1/08. "Angel Talk" with Julie Bonn Heath and Joan Wester Anderson from 6pm-7pm (Pacific Time), a live chat. We will answer your questions about angels (those answers we know anyway) or any other angel topic that you can think of. To chat, go to and click "Enter" (only on December 1, 2008 at scheduled chat time).

12/1/08-Louise at Mom Start.

12/3/08-Rhonda Clark with Beach Reads.

12/3/08- Andrea at Chocolate Fingerprints.

12/3/08- Angela at Moms in a Blog.

12/4/08- Betty at Bella Online.

12/4/08- Melissa at All Things Girl Magazine.

12/4/08- Diana at Forgetful One.

12/5/08-Melissa at Bibliophile's Retreat.

12/5/08- Sarah at Genesis Moments.

12/5/08-Terra with Terra Garden.

12/5/08- Gem with Sage & Savvy.

12/5/08- Becca at Becca's Blog from the Left Coast.

12/6/08- Kailani at An Island Review.

12/7/08- Leah with O Momma Reviews.

12/7/08- Stacey at All Because Two People Fell in Love.

12/8/08- Maria at Maria's Space.

12/9/08- Melissa with From Melissa's Desk.

12/10/08-Alicia at Mom's Monologue.

12/10/08- Tara with Tara's View of the World.

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